A Missionary Named Lucifer Wants To Be This Country’s Next President

The cast of characters running for president of the Philippines includes someone who wants to create a “divine government” and an “absolute monarchy with unlimited power from God.”

From a “God-sent” devil to an intergalactic space ambassador, just about everyone wants to be the next president of the Philippines.

Among the 57 people who filed certificates of candidacies for the general elections scheduled for May 9, 2016, there was a missionary from northern Philippines named Romeo John Ygona who wants to be registered as “Lucifer” on the ballot.

Another candidate, Allan Carreon, is a self-proclaimed intergalactic space ambassador who was apparently told to run by aliens via a Facebook group. There’s also a Dothraki and one Targaryen running for office, so Game of Thrones fans in the Philippines are in for a treat as well.

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Posted by Mark Chester Obligado on  Tuesday, October 13, 2015

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And it’s not just their funny names or what they claim to be. Some contenders have a few out-of-the-ordinary, near impossible – yet serious – plans for their country on assuming office.

For instance, candidate Arturo Pacheco Reyes wants to legislate all four seasons in the Philippines. 75-year-old Alfredo Tindugan, a Catanduanes-based farmer, and his security guard cum vice-president partner Angelito Baluga want a “divine government” in the Philippines.

There was also a contender who showed off his singing skills after filing his paperwork.

While these presidential hopefuls have caused much amusement online, there are some – mostly Filipino users, of course – who consider it a mockery of the entire voting system.

However, the Filipino Commission on Elections (Comelec) disagrees, adding that the unusual variety of people filing candidacy paperwork is a manifestation of a dynamic democracy.

“Many people want their five minutes of fame,” Comelec Chairman Andres Bautista told The Standard in an interview, deducting 10 minutes from the original Warholian saying. “We can’t stop people from declaring that they want to run for office.”

Here’s what Comelec spokesperson James Jimenez tweeted as a response to all the criticism directed towards the election commission:

Although Comelec currently allows almost everyone to register for the upcoming polls, the final list of “serious” candidates will be issued on Dec. 10.

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