Lucky Number 13 Arrives In Times Square for the New Year (Video)

A giant number "13" made out of LED light bulbs arrives in Times Square to be part of New York's New Year's Eve ceremony. Tara Cleary reports. Seven feet or two meters tall, the numerals will join "two" and "zero" and light up at midnight on New Year's Eve.

And in an age of climate change, the event's producer, Jeffrey Strauss says the new lights are 78 percent more energy efficient than the previous halogen bulbs.

"There are actually 529 LED bulbs in that 2013 sign that lights up on Times Square. And it actually only takes nine Watts of energy to make that happen for each light bulb, which is a big energy savings from the previous bulbs that were 40 Watts" he says.

And superstitions aside, if all the light bulbs work on New Year's Eve, it bodes well for a very lucky 2013.
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