Maasai Cricket Warriors- Mighty Warriors Of Kenya With A Mission (Photos)

Here’s a cricket team we bet most of you didn’t know about!

Here’s a cricket team we bet most of you didn’t know about!

Maasai Warriors from the Laikipia, Kenya have taken up cricket! Yes, they have- and for a reason too! They want to empower youth and create awareness and find solutions to social problems in their communities.

A worthy cause indeed!

“Our mission is to empower the youth in the Maasai communities of Kenya through cricket development, while enhancing their participation in community development, allowing them to become healthy, productive and well adjusted members of society,” they say on their site.

Yes, they have a site, as well as a Facebook page and Twitter account!

We Have A Dream . . .” go the words on their Facebook. “It is our dream to make it to the "Home of Cricket - Lord's" in London! Share in our dream and help us embark on this journey. We appreciate and value any contribution no matter how small. Every penny adds up and assists in helping us take a step closer to London.”

Key issues they want to address are:

·         HIV/AIDS awareness amongst youth;

·         Combating gender discrimination;

·         Reducing alcohol and substance abuse;

·         Raising awareness of environmental and conservation issues;

·         Contributing to peace building efforts and local development.

Here are the valiant warriors in action!

Mighty warriors with a glorious mission!

Well done and good luck we say!

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