See What Landed This Former Military Man In Prison For Up to 15 Years

Viewer discretion is advised. A video capturing Thomas Twain threatening residents in Potacello, Idaho, with a machete weapon has been released following his sentence to prison.

Twain, who suffers from PTSD and damage to his frontal lobe after an accident, had been a troublesome neighbor that lived three floors above James Cvengros and Kaila Gearhart's apartment.

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Last February, he went on a rampage and caused a major disturbance for residents in Pocatello. At this point, Cvengros, fearing for the safety of his girlfriend as well as his own, had already bought and trained with a 9mm gun.

So when Twain trespassed into his apartment, wielding a machete, Cvengros shot him three times in self-defense. The entire incident was recorded.

Cvengros handed over the footage to the police and had never seen it until it came out as evidence in court proceedings, which he now describes as reliving moments from The Shining.

Twain’s Lawyer, Dave Martinez, said that he was unaware of what was happening. He added that when Cvengros shot him, Twain snapped out of his blinding rage.

Twain, who pleaded guilty, apologized to the court: “I have never had anything like this happen before in my life.”

Twain has been sentenced to up to 15 years in prison, along with a $1,200 fine for several counts of aggravated assault and attempted murder in the second degree.

“I have to impose a sentence that protects society and includes punishment,” said Judge Robert Naftz said of the verdict. Twain's PTSD along with his military background, made him a threat to society, the judge ruled.

A former marine, Mathew Hoh, who infamously renounced the war on terror, talked about the multitude of problems that veterans face from suicide to PTSD and pointed out that “we don’t get help until we hit rock bottom.”

While Twain was certainly not easy to deal with, a harsh prison sentence only serves as a short term solution to a wider problem at hand, as many people struggle live a civilian lifestyle after being in the military.

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