Mafia Style Attack Blamed For Destroying 60,000 Liters Of Brunello Wine

In Italy, it appears the Mafia still rules and knows how to extract their revenge.

In Italy, it appears the Mafia still rules and knows how to extract their revenge.

An Italian Mafia is said to be behind the attack which cost one of Italy’s vineyards over $12 million dollars of loss, most of which was a limited edition wine made during the 2007 and 2012 vintage. The Brunello di Montalcino vineyard lost almost 80,000 liters of wine when armed raiders broke into cellars and simply turned on the taps on the barrels.

A single bottle of the Brunello di Montalcino wine costs upwards of $500. The Brunello vineyard only produces around 15,000 bottles a year, as the owners want to maintain its exclusivity.


The Brunello di Montalcino vineyards are situated in Tuscany and produce some of the most prestigious wine that comes from the region. Police investigating the matter say the act seems to be a ‘classic act of intimidation’ and has possible links to organized crimes – in other words, the Mafia. The owner Gianfranco Soldera has also described the attack as a ‘Mafia attack’.


The spokesperson for the vineyard said that while nothing was stolen in the attack, the winery lost almost 60,000 liters of wine as the barrels were left to drain. 'Entry into the cellar was forced and through armoured glass. The floor was like a lake when we got down there and the smell was overpowering', the spokesperson said.

The police are looking into whether the owners were threatened earlier and if that’s the case, it might be just retribution. Gianfranco’s son, Mauro told Italian TV, 'We just don't understand who could have done this. We have never been threatened or intimidated before. The cost is excessive - we are talking about 60,000 liters of Brunello. It's a disaster. Not one bottle was taken it was just pure vandalism. We are not going to let something like this stop us.'

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