Major Pakistani Taliban Leader Possibly Killed By U.S. Drone

"BAITULLAH Mehsud, the feared Taliban commander who has waged a bloody terror campaign within Pakistan, is believed to have died. He is believed to have died in a CIA missile strike on his South Waziristan stronghold this week, US and Pakistani officials said yesterday. Pashtun television news station Aaj yesterday claimed to have an official statement from Mehsuds Tehrik-e-Taliban terrorist group announcing that the leader had been killed in a Wednesday morning drone attack on his father-in-laws house outside the South Waziristan capital, Wana. It also apparently announced the appointment of a leadership troika to replace him. The strike was earlier reported to have claimed the life of Mehsuds second wife and at least one other person. A senior Pakistan security officer said Mehsud was with his wife on the roof of the compound when it was hit by a missile fired by a US drone. ""He was not well and had an intravenous drip on when he was targeted,"" a senior intelligence offic