"99.9% Sure" Missing Malaysia Air Flight Will Be Found Soon, Official Says

The seven-month chase for MH370 might conclude very soon.


The missing Malaysia Airlines Flight 370 that has eluded search parties for more than seven months now will soon be found, if Malaysian Defense Minister Hishammuddin Hussein is to be believed.

In an interview with Sky News, Hussein said he is 99.9 percent sure the mystery of MH370's disappearance will soon be solved via the sonar technology – a sound propagation technique that allows underwater objects to be identified.

"This is cutting-edge technology," he said. "That's my personal view based on experts' opinion - 99.9% sure (sonar devices can find it). But the ocean is huge so it depends on narrowing the search area and that's the challenge."

Malaysian contracted vessel GO Phoenix has been equipped with the said sonar technology, and it joined the search for MH370 at Fremantle Port in Perth on Wednesday. The three-vessel search party is currently probing waters 1,200 miles off the Western Australian coast.

Go Phoenix

The sonar technology Hussein has pointed out can probe an area of 75 square miles (194 sq km) each day, meaning it will still be a while before they can clear the entire area – unless of course, they strike lucky.

While the confidence in Hussein's tone will bring some hope for loved ones of the 239 onboard the ill-fated flight, the question is why did they had to wait for seven months to acquire it? It's not that sonar is a new technology. It has existed for at least several decades. Yet, Hussein and company didn't go that way earlier. Why?

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