Man Arrested Over Malmo Immigrant Shootings

"Investigators said the man, who was not identified, was arrested on Saturday on suspicion of one murder in October 2009 and seven attempted murders in the past year.

Police have previously said they believe a lone gunman is responsible for more than a dozen unsolved shootings in which one person died and several were wounded in the city of Malmo since October last year.

The victims – nearly all with immigrant backgrounds – have been shot at bus stops, in their cars and through the window of a gym.

Investigators said the man was arrested in his home in Malmo without incident on Saturday evening and is believed to be ""linked to the shootings that have happened in Malmo recently.""

""The reason we became interested in this man was tip-offs from the public,"" said Borje Sjoholm, Malmo police spokesman.

Mr Sjoholm said the suspect had a gun license and that two weapons were seized during a raid at his home.

Police are now questioning the man, who has denied committing any crime, he added."