Man Asks for $1 Million To Run Al Sharpton Out Of Texas

Difficulty: Al Sharpton is not planning to go to Texas. “America needs a doctor and I am him.”

A Texas man released a video on Facebook saying that he plans to force Al Sharpton and other political activists out of McKinney, Texas where racial tensions have been high following an incident where police manhandled a 15-year-old girl during a pool party. “The Time is now. Al Sharpton has brought the Black Panthers….this is not going down. This is not going to happen. I have already personally warned Al Sharpton and his little cronies,” says Rich Kent in his video. In order to achieve all of  this, he claims he needs $1 million dollars to plan a rally. 

Kent says that he and some others have planned a “peaceful rally” to “tell, not ask” Sharpton to leave Texas. Kent goes on to say several times that he will not see Texas turn into Baltimore or Ferguson. He also claims to not be a racist, but says that the country is experiencing race baiting that is causing unrest.

His plan is to go to Sharpton’s hotel and physically run him out of Texas, saying that it is “not a warning, a promise… You will leave Texas.”


Sharpton! We are coming! You do not threaten a Texan! #RunwithRich #McKinney #Texas 06/13/15 10am. I'll be their HUCKLEBERRY!

Posted by Rich Kent on Wednesday, June 10, 2015

His idea seems to be a bad one for a number of reasons, but the chief reason this may not all go forward as planned is that Al Sharpton has no plans to be in McKinney in the near future. He commented on the police brutality incident, but has never made a statement saying that he would be visiting.

So how is Kent’s fundraiser for $1 million going? He has raised $10,175 as of the time of this writing. It’s nowhere near the million he’s seeking, but maybe it will be less costly to run Al Sharpton out of town now that he won’t be there to begin with.

Kent was unclear what he would do with the million dollars if he succeeds in raising it, and there is no further information about fund allocation on his GoFundMe.

We wish him the best of luck in trying to run a person out of town who was never in town to begin with. 

(Banner photo: Facebook/Rich Kent)

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