Man Broke Into Ex-GF’s House, Lived Under Her Bed For 5 Days

Your mom told you that there weren't any monsters under your bed. Your dad said that the "creaking" was just the house settling. Your parents were wrong.

Imagine finding an intruder living in your house, crouched unseen under your bed. Who knows how long he’s been there, what he’s been doing, and what he can do to you now that he’s been discovered.

Now up the stakes. It’s not your bed he’s been living under, but your daughter’s. And this isn’t just any burglar—it’s your daughter’s ex-boyfriend, who she hasn’t spoken to in five years.

This is the nightmare scenario that the New Jersey-based Adamcewicz family found itself in when the woman’s father went to investigate a noise coming from her bedroom.  

You probably hear your home creaking all the time. But it’s only ever the wood contracting and expanding as the temperature shifts, right? “The house settling,” as people say.

Jason Hubbard

Or maybe it’s a stalker ex that’s “settling,” all cosied up in your living quarters, siphoning off your electricity.

Thankfully, the room had been vacant, and the only mischief the intruder, Jason Hubbard had been up to (besides breaking and entering) was using the house’s electrical outlets to charge his four cell phones.

Jason Hubbard update

The man, believed to be mentally disturbed, had apparently subsisted on nothing but water for the five days. He didn’t take any of the family’s possessions, or leave his hiding place. Authorities are unsure what his motive was.

But the woman’s mother, Margaret Adamcewicz, suggests that he simply “didn’t have a home to live in.” Which is a notion that may inspire some sympathy for the intruder, regardless of the frightening illegality of his actions.

Jason Hubbard news

Hubbard has been charged with criminal trespassing and “theft of electricity.” We don’t know about you, but “theft of electricity” seems rather anti-climactic after “burglary.”

He is currently being held at Middlesex County Adult Corrections Center on $50,000 bail.

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