Man Calls Muslim Girl A Terrorist And Attempts To Run Her Over

Haneen Jasim nearly lost her life due to a man's ignorance and bigotry.

Haneen Jasim, a Muslim pre-med student at the University of Cincinnati, was almost run over by a man who called her a terrorist.

22-year-old Jasim, who wears a hijab, was walking home from a Starbucks near campus after studying when a man began to honk and yell at her, calling her a terrorist. Jasim remembers “the way he was saying terrorist, cursing at me like I was this animal…like I was nothing.”

The man then tried to run her down on the crosswalk, and if not for the three people who grabbed her onto the sidewalk, Jasim says she believes she would be dead.

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This terrible occurrence follows a string of disturbing incidents across the U.S. steeped in anti-Islamic sentiments—an ideology only egged on by Islamophobic remarks made by GOP candidates and local politicians following the Paris attacks.

Karen Dabdoub, the executive director of Cincinnati’s local Council on American Islamic Relations, finds the all of this “disappointing.” She reiterates that, “Obviously, the people here had nothing to do with the Paris attack or any terrorist attacks or terrorist ideology for that matter.”

This is more than obvious, yet the constant fear-mongering and hatred stemming from the ignorant continues, producing terrifying incidents such as these. 

Banner Image Credit: Youtube, WLWT

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