Man Drugs Girlfriend So He Can Keep Playing Video Games

Has the modern man's media addiction gone too far? Or is this just another case of one thoughtless person making other consumers look bad?

Here's the “frustration over nagging girlfriend” trope being taken to troubling, deeply unfunny lengths.

An unnamed man in North Rhine-Westphalia admitted to giving his girlfriend a sedative so that he could keep playing video games with a friend.

German man sedates girlfriend so he can keep playing video games

The man's girlfriend had come home around 10pm the night of the incident. After 10 hours of work, she'd likely been looking forward to a few quiet hours of rest, unpunctuated by the sound of gunfire and yelling.

Man drugs girlfriend to keep playing videogames

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Her boyfriend, it appears, expected as much. And his response wasn't even the obligatory eye-roll-whilst-calling-your-girl-a-nag that's the logic of your average unfunny sitcom. Instead, he took all consent and volition out of the question, by drugging the woman's drink without her noticing.

“I only put four of five drops into her tea,” the man told the court.

The girlfriend—well, ex-girlfriend now—slept until midday of the next day. The drugs didn't harm her permanently, but the act was still a tremendous trespass. We don't know if she had work or other important things to do during that time, but she very well could have, and her former beau had completely disregarded that.

Guy drugs girlfriend to play video games

It probably didn't help that he was, himself, on drugs. Doesn't help the intelligence, does it, guy?

Since the incident, and the 500 pound fine he was made to pay, the man has stayed away from the drugs, and is about to begin an apprenticeship.

“It was stupid, but now I'm on a straight path.”

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