Man Survives Dirt Bike Accident But Lands On Something Far Worse

He survived one life threatening scenario and got tangled up in another one.

Getting flipped off your dirt bike in middle of a trail must be a terrifying experience. But it's even worse to survive that terror only to land on a huge snake.

The biker in this video survived what could’ve been a terrible accident by landing in an area where bushes and long grass cushioned his fall, saving him from any serious injury or fracture.

His relief, however, was short lived when he figured out he landed on a poisonous snake.

The video was captured at the Hervey range near Queensland by the biker’s friend, who spotted something protruding from under the man’s body.

“Don’t move,” he orders his friend as he informs him of what he has landed on.

The biker sounds terrified as he asks his friend if he is serious. Some curse words are thrown in, and panic ensues.

However, after some trepidation, the two manage to flee safely, being careful as to not disturb the dangerous reptile.

The brown snakes are said to be the second most venomous type of snakes found in Australia.

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