Man Accuses Muslim Girl Of Bombing Train, Passengers Shut Him Up Hard

Crazy people are par for the course when it comes to public transportation but one man took it too far and was kicked out of his compartment after saying this to a Muslim woman on the train.


Rahman posted on Facebook about how thankful she was for those who stood up for her. 

Can't believe what happened in the metro today. I was with my sister on the metro when this guy approached us and...

Posted by Ruhi Rahman on  Saturday, November 21, 2015

According to a report on, a woman was accosted on a public train in the UK because of her religion.

Ruhi Rahman, a 23-year-old Muslim woman, from Newcastle, was traveling quietly with her sister on the Metro when a disgruntled looking man approached them. The man demanded that she get off the train and seemed to be suffering under the peculiar delusion that the entirety of the United Kingdom belonged to him. He kept saying that this is “my country” and even accused Rahman of planting a bomb on the train.


Putting aside for a moment this man’s highly unlikely claim to the British crown, his actions were still way out of line and warranted a response.

Fortunately for Rahman, and for decent people everywhere, the other passengers in the train car chose not to take this blatant display of racism and Islamophobia lying down. 

Many of Rahman’s fellow passengers shouted at the man to leave her alone and when he refused the righteous mob forced him off of the train at the next stop.

As soon as the offender was out of the compartment applause burst out to celebrate this victory of decency and kindness over hate and fear.

Rahman has expressed gratefulness for her fellow passengers actions and says that the incident was “true Geordie [slang for Newcastle spirit] spirit shingling through.”

The following is a bystander’s account of the battle on the train. It should be noted that this description contains some very grown up language and viewer discretion is advised.

Incidents like these are what deserve the attention of the media as racist attitudes continue to be engendered to the world by certain politicians in the wake of the Paris terrorist attacks.

If society allows the actions of a few radicals to turn itself against an entire group of needy people, then the terrorists have indeed won.

True victory over them is found when courage and compassion are able to rise above the fear they are trying so desperately to instill. 

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