Man Forced To Face The Music For Stealing Over 100 Phones At Coachella

Laurel Dammann
In an act as impressive as it is wrong, a man helped himself over Coachella's first weekend and managed to amass a pile of stranger's cellphones.

People dance and pose for photos on the opening day of Coachella, 2017. Reuters.

A man has made taking selfies infinitely more difficult for some Coachella attendees. In just one weekend, Reinaldo De Jesus Henao stole over 100 cellphones from unsuspecting festival-goers. 



While the insanely popular music festival draws huge crowds due to it's diverse line-ups, it also draws those looking to make some less-than-honest cash. When people began to notice their phones were missing, a quick-thinking group of victims put a helpful feature on their smart phones to work. Using Find My Phone, they were able to track down Henao. Following him through the concert venue, the victims were able to enlist the help of security who, according to Indio Police Sgt. Dan Marshall, was able to detain Henao until law enforcement could get to the scene.



Police officers found over 100 stolen cell phones in Henao's bag, a haul that is difficult to not find impressive. Some phones were immediately returned to their rightful owners, but some remain unclaimed in Coachella's Lost and Found.

Henao was charged with suspicion of grand theft and receiving stolen property, but he has been released from police custody after posting his $10,000 bail. 

If there had to be a moral to this story, it would be that Find My Phone is simple, straightforward, crime-fighting genius. To those riding the music festival circuit this spring and summer, download a cellphone tracking app (if you haven't already) and then rock on.

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