Man Gets $5 Million Six Years Late After Brothers Nearly Scam Him

Two brothers working at a convenience store managed to buy a $5 million lottery ticket off a man for $4,000. Now the man will get his money six years later and the brothers are facing time in prison.

Two brothers working at a convenience store in Syracuse, NY nearly scammed a confused man out of 5 million dollars. The 49 year-old man, father of two, (for now he is remaining anonymous by choice), went to the store to claim his winning lottery ticket, now knowing how much it was for. According to the District Attorney, he "saw a 5 and a bunch of zeroes." The brothers at the store, Andy and Nayel Ashkar, convinced him that the lottery ticket was worth $5 thousand, then offered him $4 thousand for the ticket, saying this would save money on taxes and avoid complications. In reality, the ticket was for a life-altering $5 million.

Fast forward six years, the lottery ticket is about to expire and Andy and Nayel try to claim the money. Ironically, it may have been their paranoia that did them in. Lottery officials were tipped off by the sheer amount of time the brothers waited. For all you aspiring criminals out there: you have to act like everything is normal, or people will figure out that something is off. They made an announcement to see if the man would come forward, and, luckily for everyone but the Ashkar brothers, he did.

Now, if convicted, Andy and Nayel could face 25 years and 15 years in prison respectively. They both maintain their innocence, and that they bought the ticket themselves. The man is expected to come forward soon and claim his prize.

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