Chinese Man Uses A Mop To Rescue A Child Dangling From Fourth Floor

Sometimes, you don't need a cape to save a life. A mop will do just fine.

A man in China is being hailed as a hero after he used a mop to save a child who was dangling from the window of a fourth-floor apartment.

Wang Baocheng was walking down the street in Weifang when he heard the cries of a little girl.

"I heard her calling for help and quickly ran over," he told a CCTV reporter. "I saw that the girl's head was stuck and it was holding her up."

The baby girl, whose parents were not at home at the time of the incident, had somehow managed to crawl out of their apartment window. She had gotten her body out of the window but the metal bars were too narrow to let her head pass through.

A bit more wiggling, however, would've freed her head up too and likely resulted in serious injuries or even death. Instead of waiting for the rescue team to arrive, Baocheng took matters in his own hands and climbed up the building.

He then popped out from an adjacent window and used a mop to support the child. This continued for 10 minutes before the child's parents finally arrived and took her in. Hence, a hero was born who proved that there are still some men in the world who would risk their own life to save others.

"I think his brave and courageous actions are worthy of praise," an eyewitness of Baucheng's bravery said.

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