Man Plunges 14 Stories To Stop Teenager From Committing Suicide

This young British man is being hailed a hero after he gave up his life to save another person.

Thomas Bennett of Plymouth, Devon, has become a hero in many people’s hearts after he died saving a teen's life.

Bennett, 24, who saw a distressed teenager attempting suicide, tried to talk the young boy down standing on a ledge outside a university apartment in Hawaii.

As both the boys conversed on the ledge, they fell off the narrow surface; Bennett died instantly. The suicidal 19-year-old however, survived the fall with severe injuries.

Both of them were at a party thrown by Bennett’s friend. The men were standing on the ledge and holding onto a glass panel that broke, sending them falling from the building.

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"The word hero is banded about too freely, but what my son did was heroic," Bennett’s mother Leslie told Metro UK.

His father and siblings added, "We are all so immensely proud of Tom for his unselfish act in helping someone else."

Bennett’s friend Ted Guillory, who threw the party, spoke a few words about his friend to the local news "Tommy cared about and loved a lot of people in his life, and he proved to me that night that he cared about other people more than he even cared about himself.”

The suicidal teen is recovering from the injuries he received, which include both legs broken, a broken arm, a collapsed lung, a partially broken back and internal bleeding.

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Bennett was buried at the Weston Mill Crematorium in Plymouth and in memory of her son, his mother said, "I hope that young man [he saved] will put his second chance at life to good use and in time, pay forward the caring and kindness that my Tommy gave to him so my son will not have died in vain.”

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