Watch The Moment A Man KOs An Elderly Woman In A Russian Supermarket

The old woman was waiting in a queue to pay for her groceries when suddenly a young man hammered her in the jaw for no apparent reason.

A man was caught on camera punching an elderly woman in a Russian supermarket while she was waiting to pay for her groceries.

Surveillance footage of the shocking incident prompted an investigation as local authorities searched for the man who socked the woman’s jaw.

The attack reportedly took place at Pyaterochka, one of the largest supermarket chains in Russia, in the Samara Region of southern Russia on Sept. 4.

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Russia Today reports 61-year-old Nina Tulupova was waiting in a queue to pay for her purchases when a young man standing in front of her, who had already paid for his groceries, suddenly punched her in the face. Other shoppers and the cashier looked on in horror as the man casually left the store, leaving the old woman lying on the floor.

She claims she had never seen the man before and didn’t know why he hit her.

“I have never seen this man before and I do not know now who he is… I took everything out of the basket and put it on the counter, put the basket to the right of him – and suddenly found myself on the floor,” Tulupova told Russian tabloid LifeNews.

A 27-year-old was first mistaken for the attacker but then police identified 37-year-old Vitaly Kondratenko as the alleged perpetrator; he's now under arrest.

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