Man Orders Fried Chicken, Gets $4,500 Instead

A man ordered fried chicken, but was handed a bag of $4,500 in cash instead. He returned the money but didn't receive the welcome response he wash hoping for.

fried chicken

A Virginia man just wanted some hot, fried chicken, but instead he got $4,500 in cash.

James Minor order lunch at a drive-thru at Bojangles’ restaurant, but realizing his chicken was cold, took the order back. Instead of receiving a hot bag of chicken, he opened the box up to find 4,500 cash and deposit slips.

Being the honest guy he is, Minor went to the manager and returned the money.

“I’m honest. I know what integrity is. I have integrity,” Minor said.

Yet instead of a heroic thank you, Minor was taken aback by the manager’s reaction.

“He told me in an arrogant, nasty attitude being disrespectful saying that, ‘We would’ve called the authorities on you, too,’” Minor said. “Here I am doing a good thing, bringing the money back.  Most folks probably would’ve kept on going and wouldn’t have recognized it until they got home.”

Minor was offered a meal and a tailgate party, and eventually — once getting through to headquarters —received a $100 gift certificate. But Minor still isn’t satisfied.

“I deserve respect, an apologetic letter from the Bojangles’ company and probably a cash reward,” he said. “What is a $100 gift certificate when you’re bringing in $4,500?”

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