Man Perfectly Responds To Cops Detaining Him For 'Jogging While Black'

An Alabama police officer was shut down after attempting to detain a man for “jogging while black.”

jogging while black

An Alabama police officer was shut down after detaining a man for “jogging while black.”

Corey Dickerson decided to record the interaction with police officers to prove that he was being harassed simply because of his ethnicity.

According to The Free Thought Project, Dickerson was out of breath when the recording began because he had just stopped for a rest during his jog. It was at that time that a police officer pulled up and began to question his intentions, asking him where he was going and what he was “running from.”

“You look like you was running,” the officer said. “Where you running from?”

Obviously a little taken aback by the assumption that he was running from something, Dickerson replied, “Just around, nowhere in particular.”

The officer then explained that there had been a series of burglaries in the area, and then asked for his identification. Dickerson, however, knew his rights and explained that he would prefer not to, since he had not been doing anything criminal.

As the police officer turned to the radio to ask for backup, Dickerson muttered, “Well, looks like I’m about to get harassed.”

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When the officer asked him to step over, Dickerson said that he would prefer to stand in front of the car so that his camera would be able to record the interaction, then informed the officer that he was also live streaming the encounter.

“Look, my camera does the same thing, and you can tell them why I stopped you,” the officer said. “It is 12:30 in the morning, I’ve had a lot of burglaries and thefts. You can get this on camera, so now I’m just asking you for your ID.”

Dickerson said that he understood, but explained that he did not understand why he would have to if he was not under suspicion of committing a crime.

“I’m not a lawyer, don’t even pretend to be one, but I know that in order to detain me, you’ve got to have some type of reasonable suspicion that I’ve committed some type of crime,” Dickerson said, as a second officer arrived. “I’m minding my own business out here, I’m literally jogging — exercising.”

The second officer that arrived tried to imply that simply by running, he was doing something suspicious. Dickerson then pointed out that he had not even seen him running, he simply saw him bent over trying to catch his breath.

“I don’t mean to interrupt you, but I don’t trust police just because I got my hair pulled out, I was choked, tased, maced, beaten bloody — you hear me? beaten bloody — by four cops while I was in handcuffs,” Dickerson explained. “One bad apples spoils the whole bunch for me.”

Watch the video below:

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