Even A Crash Can't Separate This Man From His Phone

Some people just love their gadgets way too much. Let's face it, most of us suffer from cell phone addiction.

Motorcyclist using mobile phone smashes into car.

However, we bet none of us (hopefully) suffer from this addiction as badly as this Chinese man. He not only got knocked off his bike while using his phone, but continued to tinker with the gadget as he lay sprawled on the road, waiting for the help to arrive.

In a traffic accident that took place in Changsha, the capital of Hunan Province in southern China, the unnamed rider was hit by a car at a busy junction downtown, according to People’s Daily Online. His bike fell on its side and the boxes he was delivering were left scattered across the road. The police rushed to help him, though he refused to move and told them that he was waiting for an ambulance.

Now, in such situations, not moving is a fairly good idea since the extent of injuries is undetermined and changing positions may actually worsen them. Except in this particular case, the man kept playing some game on his cell phone the entire time he was lying on the road, causing major traffic disruption.

Motorcyclist CARRIES ON playing on mobile game lying in the road after crash

The police later confirmed that the biker had been discharged from hospital after medics discovered he had only received minor injuries.

Lucky for us, some people were able to snap the bizarre pictures of this cell phone addict and share them on Chinese micro-blogging website Weibo, where some social media users believe the man deliberately threw himself from his bike to claim compensation from the driver.

No matter what the man’s intentions behind the accident were – if there were any to begin with – he just proves how ridiculous, yet deadly, cell phone obsession can be.

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