Not-So-Good Samaritan Steals From Woman Trapped Inside Overturned Car

What kind of merciless person sees a helpless woman trapped inside a mangled vehicle on the side of a deserted road and decides to victimize her further?

woman trapped inside a mangled vehicle

Do good Samaritans still exist?

Sometimes, someone does something small yet significant to help others that inadvertently restores your faith in humanity. Then, there are horrific instances like this one, which make you realize we are all doomed for good.

A car crash victim has claimed a truck driver, who she assumed was a Good Samaritan about to help her, stole from her following an accident.

Kimberly Smith, a resident of Texas, was driving along Highway 114 in Irving when another vehicle cut her off, forcing her to swerve and lose control of her car, according to reports. The impact flipped Smith's car over thrice before it landed upside down on the roadside.

Smith was scared, dazed and wounded – so when a truck driver approached her mangled vehicle and offered to help, she thanked her lucky stars. He told her that he did not have a phone so she helped him locate her purse.

However, things took a wrong turn when instead of pulling Smith out or calling 911, the man got in his truck and took off – despite the woman begging him to stay.

“He said don't worry, I'm not going anywhere,” the victim’s brother Joshua Smith explained in a now viral Facebook post. “He gets in his truck and takes off. With her wallet. All her credit cards. Id's. Everything. And all this happened after she was trapped upside down and NOBODY stopped to help her.”

911 helping trapped woman

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However, another man pulled over soon after and called 911. He even stayed with Smith until help arrived. The woman was eventually freed from the smashed vehicle and taken to a local hospital for treatment, but the unidentified crook has not been located as of yet.

“If anybody has a ‘friend’ that is bragging about robbing some girl after she flipped her car this morning, please be a real friend and let us know,” her brother wrote. “I hope this guy who stopped to ‘help’ and everyone that did not stop at all, is not a majority in our society today. We are better people than that.”

He also made a public appeal to find the man whom his sister recalls to be a “tall, skinny black male in his 30s.”

Smith only suffered some cuts and bruises, which is miraculous considering her car was completely crushed from the rollovers, according to authorities. The police also confirmed the seemingly good Samaritan stole the woman’s license, Social Security card and $80.

“I want people to find him and I also want people to know that it's important to stop and help people,” she said. “To actually help people.”

Here’s to hoping that a surveillance camera caught the terrible incident on tape.

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