Man Steals $90K In Quarters From Parking Meters

It took five years, but authorities finally got wise to this massive amount of missing quarters.

Jeffrey Daday, NY parking meter cop steals $89K in quarters

Jeffrey Daday might be doing some time after stealing over $90,000 from parking meters in Mount Kisco, NY between 2009 and 2014.

The parking officer knew just where to get the money from, and over the five years he would collect up to $600 a week solely in quarters, according to

Although it sounds like a very clever way to steal money without getting caught, eventually people started to get suspicious about Daday when he kept depositing the quarters into his bank account.

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The bank staff alerted Daday that they were aware of the strange deposits. Things became even more obvious when Daday deposited the quarters while still wearing his parking officer uniform.

Police eventually caught up to Daday, and took him in as they saw him empty the coins from a parking meter coin chamber and put them into his pocket.

Daday has paid back most of the money, but he still faces probation and possibly six months in prison if he starts walking around parking meters again.

Daday has obviously lost his job, too. Maybe in the future he will turn to gumball machines as his next victim.


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