Man Stole $5 Worth Of Food, Was Fined By Court To Pay $450

Isabella Ohlmeyer
A 21-year-old Louisiana man was recently fined by the Bogalusa City Court to pay $450 for stealing only $5 worth of food in order to feed his hungry family.

Desperate times called for desperate measures when a Louisiana man stole food in order to provide for his family.

Rozzie Scott, 21, was recently ordered to pay the Bogalusa City Court $450 for stealing $5 worth of food at a local store, according to Southern Poverty Law Center.

Scott informed the judge that he was unable to afford the fine and the judge told him in return that he needed to pay an extension fee to come up with the money or go to jail.

The 21-year-old was unable to pay the court the $50 extension fee and was taken to jail.

Soon after, a family member brought the money for the extension fee and Scott was released, according to ThinkProgress.

Scott and a group of other people recently filed a lawsuit against the Bogalusa City Court, alleging that the court’s operations are unconstitutional.

Judge Robert Black, the judge for this case, has a history of fining people who cannot afford the penalties for their actions.

The $50 extension fee that Black proposed to Scott to pay is not legal under Louisiana state law, according to the Southern Poverty Law Center.

Although it is wrong for Scott and other thieves to steal in the first place, the Bogalusa City Court needs to take criminals’ personal income into consideration in order for these individuals to be able to pay the court and move on from their mistakes. 

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