Man Sues TSA, Philadelphia After Being Detained For 23 Hours

Did you think airport security was bad? This traveler was detained by TSA for simply asking to file a complaint. .

TSA aiport screening checkpoint

A traveler detained for over 20 hours at the Philadelphia International airport has now sued the Transportation Security Administration and the City of Philadelphia.

Roger Vanderklok was on his way to a half-marathon in Miami when he was stopped at the airport screening checkpoint in January 2013. TSA officials were concerned about the power bars and sports watch in his carry-on bag. TSA supervisor Charles Kieser testified in an April 2013 criminal trial that electronics and “organic mass” can be used to make bombs.

Vanderklok was arrested after asking to file a complaint and held in a cell for 23 hours without being questioned by police or having the chance to call his wife.

During testimony, Kieser said Vanderklok raised his hands and pointed his finger at him. Video surveillance footage clearly shows Vanderklok standing calmly and holding his laptop.

"The passenger made a bomb threat to me," Kieser testified. “[He said] I'll bring a bomb through here any day that I want ... and you'll never find it."

Vanderklok denies having made a bomb threat.

The judge acquitted Vanderklok saying there was no evidence he had committed a crime.

Vanderklok filed a lawsuit on Jan. 23 against the TSA, several police officers and the City of Philadelphia.

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