Man Tells American Muslim: 'Every One Of You Are Terrorists!'

A proposal meeting for a new mosque in Virginia turned ugly when audience members verbally attacked the presenter and declared that all Muslims are terrorists.

Racists and Islamophobes are shamelessly carrying out outrageous attacks against Muslims following the Nov. 13 Paris terrorist attacks.

A presentation about plans for a new mosque near Fredericksburg, Virginia brought out the worst of the community when two men began shouting that all Muslims were “evil” and “terrorists" and other audience members agreed.

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Speaker Samer Shalaby reportedly said he wasn’t expecting so much hostility as he stood at the front of the room outlining plans to build a new mosque.

“It just kept getting worse and worse,” Shalaby said. “People were pointing fingers and waiving arms.”

The Muslim community wants to build a bigger center of worship on land that they already own because the population has outgrown the existing building. 

“I’ll do everything in my power to make sure that does not happen,” one of the people from the audience shouted out. “We don’t want it because you are terrorists. Every one of you are terrorists. I don’t care what you say,” he said. “You can smile at me. You can say whatever you want, but every Muslim is a terrorist.”

Since the bigoted ring-leader wouldn’t back down to allow the meeting to continue, a sheriff’s deputy had to step in to break up the meeting due to safety concerns. 

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Islamophobia is at a high point right now as a result of mass hysteria and fear which is creating serious hardships for Muslims who are HERE in America and living as law-abiding, upstanding citizens. It's just not right ... 

Since "all Muslims are terrorists" should we also believe all white males to be gun-toting mass murderers, considering how many lives have been taken at the hands of white "mentally ill" shooters in recent years?

(Does Dylann Roof, Adam Lanza, or James Holmes ring a bell?)

WARNING: Video Contains Offensive Language

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