Man Told To Remove NRA Hat Before Voting

Is headgear prohibited in the ballot box? Is making a voter remove a hat prejudice or simply a voting law?

A Georgia man is upset after trying to get to the polls for early voting. He was ordered to remove his National Rifle Association hat before he was allowed to vote.

Bundy Cobb, who is certified by the National Rifle Association in firearms training, wears his “NRA Instructor” hat everywhere he goes, partly to promote his business, True Aim Defense.  From the website: 

"Bundy is an NRA Certified Instructor with a lifetime of gun ownership and use.  He is an Army veteran and served our country honorably in Vietnam. 
He retired after 23 years of service in the insurance industry.
Since retirement he has dedicated himself to training our five children and six grandchildren in shooting and firearm safety.
He is excited to now bring that expertise and knowledge to the public."

Unfortunately, the Board of elections is not excited about his excitement. They claim that the hat is a form of "campaigning". 

As election day draws near, will others be forced to remove clothing that might present a liberal or conservative view? If so, bad publicity and even lawsuits may follow. 


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