Man Tracks Down Stolen Iphone Using Location App Then Films Violent Confrontation With The Thief (Video)


Technology came to the rescue-of the wronged one- it actually caused the wrong doer quite a bit of pain!

When 26-year-old San Diego resident Kenneth Schmidgall’s iPhone got stolen, he didn’t just give up on it, but went out looking for it using the location app to the best! He not only tracked his phone down, but the thief as well and in the process of getting what was rightfully his, gave the thief a thrashing he would not soon forget.
Tracking the thief, Schmidgall and his friend finally cornered him but the thief was not willing to let go that easy and they ended in a scuffle, recorded by Schmidgall’s friend on a camera. Schmidgall really did take it out on the guy as the video shows, he ended up with a cut lip and his phone back.

So much hassle and pain for a phone? Most would think. Well, according to Schmidgall, 'It's not the phone that's so much important. It's that people get away with this kind of stuff all the time with cell phones being stolen.

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