Man Washing Monster Truck Mistaken For Plane Crash

New neighbors weren't used to the loud roar and white smoke from the monster truck.

Missouri State Highway Patrol was called to a farm outside of Springfield, answering a call that there was a possible plane crash in the area. Ambulances, a fire truck, and several police cars were called to the area to assess the damage and help anyone who was injured.

Everyone prepared for the worst while racing to the site of the possible plane wreck. When emergency services arrived, there was no wreckage or plane. The callers were new to the neighborhood and had just never heard Neal Darnell wash his massive monster truck on the other side of thick area of trees.

monster truck

The massive vehicle had been raced the week before and had to be washed, but a truck that large doesn’t drive to the local gas station car wash.  Part of the cleaning process for the massive car involves firing up the jet engines on the back of the 36,000 horsepower truck. The result is very loud noise and plumes of white smoke floating up from the farm. It was an honest mistake, really.

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“We do it from time to time and it will usually generate a couple of 911 calls, but today for some reason it brought out a whole army of emergency vehicles. And I hate that because they have better things to do than come out here,” said Darnell according to News-Leader. The jet truck has been featured on television shows and magazines and Darnell and his son often take it to shows around the country to race fighter planes.

To compensate the first responders for coming out to a false alarm, Darnell gave them some fliers of the jet truck.

“The cops thought it was so cool,” said Darnell. “They said, ‘Boy, we wish we would have been here 25 minutes ago so we could have been able to see it.” 

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