Man Wearing Pro-Trump Shirt Allegedly Punched Someone At Clinton Rally

Cierra Bailey
During a Hillary Clinton campaign rally in North Carolina, a man wearing a shirt in support of Donald Trump violently assaulted another attendee.

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Donald Trump supporters and violence have practically become synonymous throughout the 2016 presidential campaign year.

Videos and photos of protesters being attacked, punched, and pummeled at Trump rallies have made headlines time and time again.

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With just two weeks left until Election Day, tensions between each of the candidates' supporters seem to only be getting worse.

A man wearing a Trump T-shirt was reportedly arrested for punching an attendee at a Clinton rally in North Carolina on Sunday, according to Mic.

CNN’s Dan Merica tweeted about the incident, reporting that the pro-Trump man put his victim in a headlock and punched him “at least once” at the event held in Charlotte. The unnamed man was eventually detained and charged with misdemeanor civil assault.

Prior to the attack, Clinton had called out rowdy disrupters in the audience, “Some people are sore losers, we just have to keep going,” she reportedly said.

Luckily, the victim didn’t need medical attention following the incident, according to the New York Daily News.

North Carolina has been home to multiple politically-motivated acts of violence recently. Earlier this month, a Trump supporter wearing a “Gays for Trump” shirt was arrested for putting an anti-Trump protester in a headlock during a campaign rally.

Unsurprisingly, the attacker received high-fives from other Trump fans as he was being escorted out, the New York Daily News reports.

Another North Carolina incident occurred this month when an overnight firebomb attack took place at a Republican Headquarters office in Orange County and another neighboring building was vandalized with the threat, “Nazi Republicans leave town or else.”

It seems that the toxic energy between Trump and Clinton expressed through each of their campaigns is rubbing off on their supporters, causing voters to lash out against one another with violence.

It’s safe to say the current political climate has had an incredibly damaging effect on society, which, sadly, is likely to continue beyond Nov. 8.

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