Man Who Helped Pass Stricter Drunken Driving Law Gets A DUI

Isabella Ohlmeyer
A Pennsylvania dentist, who assisted in enforcing tougher drunken driving laws in the state, was recently charged for a DUI 30 miles from Scranton.

A Pennsylvania man is now deemed a hypocrite after he recently got a DUI post-advocating for drunken driving laws in the state.

Dr. Stephen Miller, 40, was arrested last night for driving without his car headlights on and was later charged with a blood alcohol level way above the legal limit, according to Inforum.

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Kevin Miller, his son, was crossing the street with his dad when he was killed by a drunk driver who fled the scene in 2012.

The dentist became a passionate advocate against drunken driving, when he helped the state of Pennsylvania pass Kevin’s Law in 2014 to increase jail sentencing for drunk drivers who flee the scene.

Miller’s other children were in the car with him during his DUI incident and he is now being charged with endangering the well-being of his children.

If people are going to be hard-core advocates against drunk drivers, they need to engage in the same behavior they condemn.

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