Man Who Ate 3 Tigers Jailed For 13 Years

The man's game was simple: Eat the tiger before it eats you.


You must have heard a lot of "tiger eating man" stories, but what about a tiger-eating MAN?

A wealthy businessman has been handed a 13-year prison sentence in China for buying and eating three tigers, according to Chinese government's official Xinhua news agency.

The convicted tiger-eater is a real estate developer named Xu and he has "a special hobby of grilling tiger bones, boning tiger paws, storing tiger penis, eating tiger meat and drinking tiger blood alcohol."

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Just last year, he was a part of three separate trips in which he and 14 of his mates illegally bought tigers, which were then slaughtered in front of them before being cooked and preserved.

The entire episode was recorded by one of Xu's friends on a cell phone and discovered by police officials earlier this year. He was then arrested and tried in a Guangxi court.

Upon further raids on his residence and inspection of his refrigerator contents, it was found that Mr. Xu not only regularly devoured tiger meat, but was also quite fond of other wild animals such as geckos and cobra.

Meat and other body parts of wild animals such as tigers are much sought in China for their purported medicinal and restorative properties. Medical science, however, doesn't share the same opinion. Despite no scientific evidence whatsoever, the locals continue to hunt animals for their meat, bones, skin and even blood.

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