Man Gets Crucified Every Good Friday. It's Even Crazier Than It Sounds.

This is no mere reenactment: Christians in the Philippines volunteer to be crucified every Good Friday.

As Christians worldwide mark Good Friday as the day when Jesus was crucified, a handful of Filipinos take their devotion to extremes by offering themselves up for crucifixion as well.

We're not just talking a reenactment of the Biblical story. These men go all the way, from self-flagellation in the street to crowns of thorns and yes, even with actual nails hammered through their hands and feet. 

It's become a tradition in some northern Philippine towns, with the reenactment drawing hundreds of onlookers. This year, nine people offered themselves up for crucifixion, according to "The Independent." A man who started volunteering himself for crucifixion more than 20 years ago, believing it demonstrates his faith, talks about why he puts himself through the torture.

Warning: the video shows graphic images

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