Man Gets Birthday Wishes From 30,000 Worldwide

This guy probably made all the people who anxiously count each and every Facebook birthday wish turn green with envy.

30,000 birthday cards downs syndrome

Manuel Parisseaux was born with Down’s syndrome. This year, he celebrated his 30th birthday. His mother took her maternal mastermind plans to Facebook, where she posted the following on her husband’s account:

“I have a request to make to all my Facebook friends  - my son Manuel is going to turn 30 years old on November 22 and he loves to receive postcards. He has Down's syndrome. I'm writing to ask you to take a couple minutes to send him a little card and to pass this information on to your friends so the chain doesn't get broken. I thank you all in advance for your gesture, which will make my Manu so happy.”

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The post went viral, raising the alarm for Facebook to believe it was some sort of scam, resulting in the shutting down of Parisseaux’s father’s account. In the meantime, postcards started pouring in. At first, they were in two digit numbers, but that soon began to grow. And, being a mother on a mission, Jacqueline Francois opened another account on Facebook using her maiden name so that it wouldn’t stop. 

How many birthday cards did he end up receiving?


It was reported that the postal service couldn’t keep up with the number and had to use a lorry to deliver the endless envelopes to their home in France. The family is nothing but thrilled and grateful for the heartwarming response, even though they’ve had make use of a neighbor’s garage for storing them.

"We got cards from everywhere: Sri Lanka, Chicago, Hong Kong and sometimes with child's drawings," the mother told AFP.

This makes us believe the world can be a magical place. Happy birthday, Manuel!

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