Man with the Golden Voice Reunites with His Mother

Tune into TODAY on Friday morning to watch an interview with Ted Williams, the man with the golden voice, and his mother Julia Williams.
,br> Ted Williams, the homeless man-turned-star who wowed the world with his golden pipes, reunited with his mother, Julia Williams, on Thursday after about 20 years apart. When he first approached her in a New York City hotel room, he repeated "Hi, Mommy!" He then kneeled down and embraced her as she cried in his arms.
,br> "I'm home, Mommy. I told you I was coming this year," Williams told her.
,br> "I love you," she said, looking into his eyes. "Please don't disappoint me."
,br> "I'm not, Mom. I'm not. I'm through with it all," he said. Williams was a vocal talent with a career in radio before drugs and alcohol dragged him down into a life of petty crime and living in shelters, when he said he cut Julia out of his life. Only three days ago — before he became a star on YouTube — he was panhandling along an Ohio highway, bearing a ragged cardboard sign that touted his "God-given" gift. “I always used to pray to God, ‘Lord, let my mom live to see another year; maybe this will be the year that somebody will say, ‘Hey man, do you want a job?’” he said on TODAY on Thursday. After his video exploded on the Web, he received dozens of job offers, including ones from Kraft and the Cleveland Cavaliers. The offer from the Cavs included a home.
,br> He also accepted an offer to record voice-overs from MSNBC for commercials that will begin airing Thursday evening. "You always told me to pray," Williams told his mom at the reunion. "I've been praying, mommy."