'Zorro' Wielding His 'Sword' Shuts Down LAX

Passengers were evacuated from Los Angeles International Airport after reports emerged of an "active shooter" inside one of the terminals. It turned out to be much stranger.



Los Angeles International Airport officials resumed operations after a report of an “active shooter” caused panic, leading to flights delays and even some evacuations.

Passengers re-entered the terminals after being re-screened when the police announced there was a false alarm.



As it turned out, the “shooter” was a man dressed as Zorro. And he wasn’t armed with a weapon but instead, was wielding a plastic sword outside one of the terminals when the police arrested him.



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In fact, the man apparently didn’t intend to cause any trouble, according to his interview with CBS Los Angeles.

He told the news outlet that he was “an actor coming from an audition.” He couldn’t change out of his costume and was making a phone call while waiting outside the terminal when “the next thing I know, LAPD is all over me.”



Los Angeles International Airport

At least two people reported hearing what they thought were gunshots, however, law enforcement sources confirmed there was no shooting at the airport, ensuring all security precautions had been taken.



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