Man Falls To His Death On Facebook Live While Trying To Escape Police

Afraid to be arrested once again, a young man risked his life to dodge the police. It ended tragically and was fully documented on Facebook Live.

Facebook is becoming a harbinger of people's final moments. On Tuesday, Jamel Chandler fell to his death from an 11-story window while avoiding the cops. The entire tragedy was captured on Facebook Live.

Chandler was sleeping on a friend's couch, having just finished a term in prison. Police came to the apartment suspecting that he and his friend were involved with a livery car driver's robbery. Terrified of being arrested again, Chandler, 21, made a rope of leopard print sheets and attempted a risky escape out of a window. However, the rope snapped and he plummeted to the ground. 

Chandler was rushed to the hospital where doctors tried to save him, but he died that evening. 

Just before his death, Chandler posted on Facebook Live under the name Mell DeCaprio:

"Cops is at my door. They looking for me right now. They about to arrest me ... I'm about to get arrested, they're about to lock me up. Tune in, tune in, tune in."

That was followed by another Facebook Live post in which he decided to climb from one of the apartment windows.

"I'm about to go to jail ... and I ain't been home a whole month," he said. "I'm about to jump out the window. I'm on the 11th floor. I'm about to jump, bro, jump. If you want to jump, let me know. They right there bro."

Police reported that they had not yet entered the house when Chandler jumped. When they received notice of his Facebook Live Stream, a sergeant and two officers rushed downstairs and made it outside just in time to see him fall.

Chandler's mother has called for an investigation into his death to make sure that there was no foul play and that none of the police officers were responsible in any way. She told the New York Daily News that he was a good kid, but he had fallen in with a bad crowd when he was a teen. At 18, Chandler already had 29 prior arrests when he was sentenced to prison for running a scam business that turned violent when he bit a man in the face. 

Newly free from prison, Chandler was apparently looking to turn over a new leaf and had been looking for a job to better provide for his 4-year-old daughter.

"Jamel was a happy-go-lucky young man," his mother said. "He wanted more out of life than life was offering."

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