Marc Gasol Uses Sneaker Against Derrick Favors In An Epic Basketball Defense (Video)


Now this is strange!

Professional basketball player, Marc Gasol has played the most unusual game ever. In the fourth quarter of Utah Jazz’s 90-84 win over the Memphis Grizzlies, Derrick Favors stepped on Gasol’s shoe, taking it off his feet.

The NBA player continued playing the game and his teammate Ed Davis picked up the sneaker and gave it back to him. Later in an attempt to stop a basket (and for revenge may be), the de-shoed player took a swipe at Favors, surprising everyone present at the game.

Gasol’s fans think that he meant to hit the ball while his critics think that it was probably aimed at Favors. Either ways it was a (humorously) unusual trick to stop the scoring basket.

Watch the video above to witness the most amazing basketball defense ever!

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