Marco Rubio Admits To Wasting Thousands Of Taxpayer Dollars On Himself

Accusations of this will only become more common as we move closer to the primaries. However, we need to consider these stories carefully when it comes to determining the character of our candidates.

Here We Go Again

Marco Rubio Admits To Wasting Thousands Of Taxpayer Dollars On Himself

We have reached the point in the election where things are going to start getting a bit nasty.

The pejorative term is “mud-slinging” but what that really means is that the candidates are about to go after each other so fiercely that it would be surprising if they each don’t receive an offer to join the cast of “Mean Girls 2” (#whynosequel).

The Democratic side of the ticket has been relatively quiet. This is perhaps due to the fact that the field there is much narrower. With only two promising candidates, both Clinton and Sanders seem to be biding their time before opening the floodgates on each other.

The Republican field, however, is a different story. The GOP race is much a more vast and competitive and the candidates are starting to strike out at one another personally.

Ben Carson’s violent past has already been tossed into the limelight. Now the sharks have once again smelled blood and are beginning to circle around Florida Senator Marco Rubio.

Rubio’s Regret

According to a report on

“[Donald] Trump on Tuesday swiped at a particular issue that seems to again dog Marco Rubio. During a Tuesday press conference that coincided with the release of his new book Crippled America, Trump said, ‘For years, I’ve been hearing that [Rubio’s] credit cards are a disaster.’”

While “disaster” may be a strong word, it does seem that Rubio had been notably irresponsible with a Republican Party of Florida credit card.

According to the Miami Herald:

“As speaker of the Florida House, Rubio was one of about a half-dozen lawmakers given Republican Party of Florida credit cards. During the Senate race, the Times/Herald obtained Rubio’s statements from 2006 and 2007 showing that he routinely charged personal expenses, from a $10.50 movie ticket to a four-day, $10,000 family reunion.”

Rubio himself alluded to this over-zealous spending in his memoir Crippled America.

“From January of 2005 until October of 2008, I charged about $160,000 in party-authorized expenses,” Rubio wrote.

Trump is not the only one making allegations, and Rubio thought it prudent to address the issue with ABC news correspondent George Stephanopoulos.

“Now, I recognize in hindsight, I would do it differently to avoid all this confusion. But the Republican Party never paid a single expense of mine,” Rubio explained.

Take This Seriously America

Rubio has been a rising star the past few months. His poll numbers rose to a personal high of 11% after a strong performance in the most recent debate.

This attack is more than likely related to his current success. However, this doesn’t mean it is irrelevant.

Character counts in an election and these smaller missteps can indicate larger failings.

The United States is a country where debt and budgetary issues are one of – if not the – biggest threat to the future well-being of the nation.

The American people need to be electing a president that has what it takes to put the budget right and one must question if the man who can barely handle a credit card is the man for that job. 

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