Marijuana Could Be The Key To Ebola Cure

Smoking pot seems to have endless benefits. There is no known cure for the deadly Ebola virus, and that is what makes it the single-scariest thing in the world today.

Sure, pharmacists are working on a few experimental drugs such as ZMapp and VSV-EBOV, but none of them have been clinically approved for public use yet.

While the world anxiously awaits the drug that could control Ebola, two medical experts believe that Ebola's solution lies in herbs.

Dr. David B. Allen, medical director of Cannabis Sativa, Inc., and Brad Morehouse, founder of, have come forward with claims that marijuana's medical properties have what it takes to counter Ebola's destruction inside a human body.

Their argument is that cannabinoids in marijuana can be used to control and aid an Ebola patient's immune system, much like it is done in other similar viruses like HIV.

Once the Ebola virus is done taking over RNA in cells, it multiplies and gets mixed with other cells so that the immune system can't identify and fight it. In addition to triggering the worst form of hemorrhaging known to medical science, it makes the human body discharge abnormally large quantities of enzymes (a cytokine storm), which causes death.

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The damage that the release of those enzymes causes is what – at least in theory – could be offset by cannabis' natural antiretrovirals and its anti-inflammatory properties. Moreover, an Ebola victim's weakened immune system could also benefit from marijuana's restorative effects, much in the same way as it happens in AIDS cases.

What the two cannabis proponents have suggested above may seem absurd and they certainly have a horse in the race, but who knows? It just might work.

It's time to test cannabis on Ebola patients. After all, what's the worst that could happen to them?

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