What It Takes To Become “The Most Hated Man In America”

The pharmaceutical entrepreneur caused a public uproar when he drastically and without any remorse raised the price of a life-saving prescription drug.

The ‘scumbag’ CEO Martin Shkreli was arrested on December 18, 2015 for engaging in what is being described as a Ponzi scheme at his former hedge fund and at a separate pharmaceutical company. 

Martin Shkreli doesn’t have many sympathizers- in fact his status has been that of a pariah since he raised the price of a live saving drug by 5,500% in September 2015.

 Daraprim- the best available treatment for a relatively rare parasitic infection called toxoplasmosis is used by Aids patients as well.

Even though his arrest didn’t come as a result of the insensitive price hike, a large number of people think its Karma getting back at him.

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