"Martyrdom Tape Of Failed Times Square Bomber Faisal Shahzad Released "

"A martyrdom videotape of failed Times Square bomber Faisal Shahzad has appeared today on the Al Arabiya news channel. The videotape shows Shahzad wearing a black turban, Pakistani clothes, and a military-styled vest. He is seen holding an AK-47 and is often seen reading from the Koran. In the tape, Shahzad said he is ""getting revenge for the killing of Baitullah and Zarqawi, and for all the weak and oppressed and martyred among the Muslims,"" Arif Rafiq, the president of Vizier Consulting and editor of the Pakistani Policy Blog told The Long War Journal. ""Shahzad says jihad is an integral part of Islam and emphasizes the need to spread Islam worldwide. ""I will carry this attack on their behalf, and I hope that it will please Muslims,"" Shahzad said in the 40-minute-long video. ""With jihad, the basis of Islam can be enforced and the word of Allah and his religion will prevail,"" Shahzad continued. ""Abandoning jihad destroys the religion and puts Muslims in an insulting position as they get robbed of land and authority.""Shahzad said jihad, or holy war, is a ""pillar"" of Islam, and that Muslims worldwide ignore jihad, which puts them ""in a humiliating position.""One of the most prominent things in Islam when I came to it was Jihad,"" Shahzad said. ""People do their prayers, pay Zakat [a tax], fast, and perform Hajj [pilgrimage to Mecca in Saudi Arabia]. They follow one part of the religion, and drop another, which is the fight for the sake of Allah. Jihad means holy war for the sake of God. It is one of the holiest deeds in Islam, and one of its pillars. With Jihad the word of Allah is raised higher, and his religion prevails. By abandoning it, religion is destroyed, and Muslims are put in a humiliating position; their lands are stolen, and their authority is stripped from them.""Shahzad said the war against the West and countries that are insufficiently Muslim has only just begun. "