Friendly Robber Walks Out Empty-Handed After Recognizing The Store Clerk

“I was gonna rob this place, but I know you.” It was just another day for the employees at Quick Save near Denver, Colorado, until a masked man walked in with the intention of robbing the shop.

Recently released CCTV footage from the store shows a hooded man marching into the building before having a sudden change of heart.

Turns out, he knew the store clerk.

“I was gonna rob this place, but I know you,” he exclaimed from across the store, and then asked the startled man if he had recognized him.

The employee replied "no," to which masked robber responded with a "good" and a cheery thumbs up. He then walked out the building with his face still covered.

Colorado police says that a man with same description later robbed a 7-Eleven down the street. A manhunt for this alleged robber is currently in progress, and sheriff’s office has asked locals to contact them if they recognize who’s now been dubbed the “friendly robber.”

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