Mass Grave Found in Cambodian Village (video)

Cambodian villagers discovered bones of hundreds in mass grave likely linked to the Khmer Rouge's bloody rule in the 1970s in a Siem Reap village. Authorities believe there are hundreds buried here and that they are among the millions murdered during the Khmer Rouge's bloody, five-year reign in the 1970s.

Villagers came to the site to offer prayers for lost family members.

A driver, who said the bones were buried five meters deep in the soil, made the discovery on June 30.

Cambodians who lost loved ones during the bloody era of the Khmer Rouge regime have been traveling from far and wide to pay their last respects at the site of a mass grave uncovered over the weekend in the country’s northwest.

The Khmer Rouge's "Year Zero" revolution wiped out a quarter of the country's population.

The Documentation Centre of Cambodia, which researches the atrocities, identified the area in Kralanh as a "Killing Field" in 1998 and estimated some 35,000 bodies are buried there.

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