Matt Drudge Goes Anti-GOP, Republican Schism Gets Ugly

You know things are looking bad for the Republican Party when Matt Drudge turns against them.



As an oddball in the political spectrum, I see the ever-growing schism in the Republican Party between traditional conservatives and libertarians much as I see the split between liberals, socialists, and unaligned lefties:  Fascinating yet downright depressing.  Fascinating because people get to see the masks and gloves come off and the ugly reality come out on the state of conservatism in this country, depressing because it increases the likelihood that this country is ungovernable.  People are now starting to see the damage done, and the Republican Party civil war is expanding to almost surprising corners of the media, with website mogul Matt Drudge striking out at the GOP today over Twitter.



Matt Drudge, owner and operator of the popular Drudge Report, which Arianna Huffington would eventually rip off in format in creating the Huffington Post, is in disgust over the current state of the GOP, due to the recent stances of key figures in the party apparatus.  Among these issues include Speaker of the House John Boehner and several high-ranking Senators supporting President Obama's plan for a military strike in Syria, as well as several key Republicans (such as New Jersey Governor Chris Christie) backing the use of drones to spy on and strike at American citizens around the world.  Also at issue: The "fiscal cliff" dispute, in which taxes were raised to avert a government shutdown.

In going out at the GOP, Matt Drudge is probably the highest-profile figure in the right to go after the party, but there has been increasing dissent in recent months after a long-simmering tension between the two major factions within the party.  The right has been struggling to do anything besides oppose and obstruct President Obama's policy without presenting reasonable or viable alternatives that people could actually stomach, and the lone point of party unity (the Obama hatred) is beginning to unravel at the seams.  Drudge has always been a bit of a ham, using the Drudge Report to soapbox his beliefs pretty often.  But this is pretty damning, especially since he is a crucial figure in the right-wing blogosphere.

Some will attempt to spin this into a "How will this affect the 2014/6 elections?" story.  In all honesty, this outburst from Drudge is small, and any attempt of spinning it that way will only go to show how much of a weasel that writer is.  But still, a proxy war in the GOP is in full effect, and it is one of those times where you can only sit back and observe the impending train collision.  That this will make Washington intolerable dreck for the next few years is besides the point.  Sometimes you got to take your popcorn and enjoy the explosions.  Perhaps the left will enjoy a legitimate revival as a consequence of all this, but given that Noam Chomsky is still around, that seems unlikely.

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