Matthew Best, Idiot, Instagrams Photo Of Guns, 19 Arrested In Largest Gun Bust In New York City History

Matthew Best is an idiot. He is also a criminal. He also owns an Instagram account.

matthew Best, instagram, new york drug bust


About a week ago, a Mr. Lube employee was fired after tweeting out a message asking if anyone would sell him weed. Today, a New York man named Matthew Best raised the bar significantly. Matthew Best – Also known by his 45 fans as rapper “Neno Best” – posted the Instagram photo above of the thousands of dollars he had made via the sale of illegal fire arms. He also posted numerous Instagram photos of guns he had and will sell. And then New York Police arrested him and his 18 friends.

After New York police learned of the Best’s involvement in the gun trade, they forwarded the info to an undercover officer investigating the ring. With this evidence, the undercover cop was able to quickly chart the entire ring and today 19 men were arrested and 254 firearms were sieged by New York Police.

Via a combination of previous knowledge and the Instagram photos of guns, New York police were able to identify Best’s partner as Omole Adedji. The two of them allegedly purchased guns from fellow runners named Walter Walker and Earl Campell. Best and Omole would then resell those guns at three times the price around the New York area. It was a wonderful example of a market-based product strategy. But due to this one mistake, Best, Adedji, 17 others, and Instagram star glory_best will never “hold a stack” again.  

This story here is why I don’t have much faith in the whole gun control argument. No amount, or lack, of gun control will stop upstanding young gentlemen like Nano Best from buying guns from guys in North Carolina and then selling them around New York. America doesn’t have a gun problem; it has an idiot gang member problem.

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