Has America Fallen Out Of Love With McDonald’s?

The decline of the fast food giant and how McDonald's is trying to save itself.

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Bloomberg recently reported McDonald’s plan to stop sharing its monthly figures publicly. It’s not hard to figure out why, since the multinational fast food chain has been having more than a rough year.

Global sales of McDonald’s have shrunk consistently for the past 11 months and the sales are lowest in America with a 2.3% drop. Where other companies would solely rely on new marketing or business models, McDonald’s has a better idea: Stop reporting sales statistics.

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People who have long wished for the demise of the fast food giant won't be able to watch the monthly decline anymore. At an analyst conference in New York, McDonald’s chief executive stated the discontinuation of reporting was due to “focus our activities and conversations around the strategic, longer-term actions we are taking as part of our plan, we have decided to discontinue our monthly sales disclosure, effective July 1.”

Don’t be too quick to pile on the hate though; a lot of major players in the fast-food chains such as Taco Bell, Starbucks and Chipotle do not report their financials monthly so McDonald’s isn’t doing something unusual.

Luckily for the fans of the burger chain, monthly figures aren’t the only thing McDonald’s is working on. The giant is also planning to revolutionize the way your taste buds see it. The chief executive, Steve Easterbrook, said in a conference "at a more fundamental level we are recommitting to hotter, tastier food across the menu." Along with a juicier patty, McDonald’s is also planning to provide increased hourly wages, all-day breakfast, and customized burgers.

Between the change in their menu and decades of experience the fast food chain has accumulated, it seems probable McDonald’s might be able to get back on the horse. It’s a win-win as we see it: If it sees better numbers, hello juicy burgers! If not, goodbye fattening meals.

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