McDonald’s Wants You To Believe There Are 497 Calories In 50 McNuggets

People who count calories are going to have a field day about this.

Affordable Care Act regulations will soon require large chain restaurants to post calorie counts on their menu. McDonald's is happy to oblige – with a stunning display of trickery.

McDonald’s created this posterto advertise their hot deal of 50 McNuggetsBut what’s the catch?

For $9.99, you can have 50 chicken nuggets from McDonald’s. And it appears that the only calories you’d be adding to your belly wouldn’t even touch 500. If 2,000 calories is around the average a person should eat, you could go to Atkins heaven and just binge on 200 chicken nuggets throughout the day.

Seriously, can it really be that 50 pieces of glorious nuggets fried in that wonderfully golden-brown batter is only worth 497 calories?

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Obviously not. Word on the street is read the fine print.

In much smaller text, the poster says that this batch of 50 is meant to serve five adults. So that’s 497 calories per 10 nuggets, cumulating to a total of 2,485 calories.

This was spotted in an outlet in New York City, where under the previous the Bloomberg administration, chains were required reveal their calorie counts, earlier than the rest of the nation.

Trust McDonald’s to taint the power of graphic design for its corporate greed. Recently, it’s been trying to regain popularity in a world that is growing weary of fast food, much preferring the taste that Chipotle offers.

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