McDonald’s Finally Reveals How It Makes Chicken Nuggets In New Video

Best way to deal with bad press: reveal everything.

There’s no winning for McDonald's, as it even becomes the face of assault charges, quite literally. As it struggles amid declining sales and harsh criticism by health standards, the international fast-food chain has decided to tell you exactly how its products are made by releasing a YouTube video demonstrating the mass production of the McNugget.

In the past, we’ve been shocked and disgusted at how unhealthy and unhygienic fast food can be – especially McDonald's. And it turns out, people are changing as Americans are “lovin’ it” less and less.

But a new video released by the renowned fast-food chain proves it isn’t too chicken to show you how its various products are made, be it McRibs or McNuggets.  

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You can watch Grant Imahara as he checks out Tyson Foods in Tennessee where McDonald's chicken nuggets are batch produced. He documents it from start to end where they’re frozen to be sent over to their final frying place. They also aren’t shy of revealing all of its ingredients, the various processes and standards in the production of those golden nuggets.

According to their official website, McNuggets are made from “USDA inspected boneless white meat chicken cut from the breast, tenderloin and rib. No ‘pink slime’ added.” This is a reference to the shocking image that made it to the press almost two years ago, which the new video is more than comfortable addressing.

The transparency campaign by McDonald's more than answers a question which many people have asked: Yes, it is in fact chicken you are eating when you munch down on a nugget.

Will this help the stop the fall of the golden arches? Maybe. But as Imahara said in the video, “This tastes like my childhood.” And we’re all a bit grown up now and adopting healthier lifestyles.  

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